Armand Consulting offers technical consultancy, engineering and project management in all development phases of photovoltaic projects in Romania.

Photovoltaic Solar Parks through Armand Consulting

Designing a photovoltaic park involves extensive knowledge of electrical and solar engineering, architecture and urban planning and also calculations of strength and structure.

Armand Consulting team includes certified engineers with over 3 years experience in design and development of photovoltaic parks. Our engineers are authorized by the NATIONAL ENERGY REGULATORY ANRE and by S.M.A. Solar Academy in Kassel, Germany for designing solar photovoltaic installations with injection in the national power system. With more than 50 photovoltaic parks designed in the last two years, the Armand Consulting renewable energy division is your number one option for the engineering of photovoltaic parks in Romania.

Through the partnerships we have with major equipment suppliers and installers such as SMA Germany, Siliken Spain, Sunerg Italy, REC Solar, CSun, Power One, Westech Solar Germany, we can develop customized solutions taking into account the feasibility of the investment with various types of solar panels such as the mono or polycrystalline silicon, amorphous thin film a-Si, CdTe cadmium-telurium, copper-indium-gallium-selenium CIGS, or the new technology with DSSC organic photovoltaic panels.

In order to design photovoltaic installations, Armand Consulting engineers use specific solar designing software to evaluate the solar potential in the chosen location, to achieve the shading study, the P90 energy yield assessment study, the feasibility study according to HG28, technical documentation for obtaining the location permits, the technical documentation for obtaining the environmental approval, the solution study for obtaining the grid connection permit to connect to the national power system, the technical documentation for obtaining the build permit, technical project with the execution details and also 3D architectural project of the solar park with the possibility of creating virtual animation or models of the photovoltaic park.

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